Happy New Year: Start out right, with a plan

Aahh, those silly New Year’s resolutions. I can’t begin to count how many I’ve made, mostly personal, that have begun like wildfire on January 1, only to wane within a month’s (or less) time. They’ve always been the typical resolutions: lose weight, keep in touch with friends better, spend wisely, and travel more. And that’s exactly how those resolutions came to be – just as I have written here. Only I never wrote them down, I just said them in my mind. And I certainly didn’t have a plan to attain them. Nor did I include any tangible goal in the actual resolution. You know where I’m headed with this. You have the opportunity, at the start of 2009, to really yet yourself up with some fantastic, achievable goals and New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps it’s increasing your revenue by 10%. Maybe you aim to gain six new clients over the course of the year. Or it could be simply going back and mining your database on a weekly basis to see who’s gone astray. Whatever your goals, first of all, write them down. Then write a plan to achieve them. It doesn’t have to be a dissertation – just 3-5 ways in which you plan on accomplishing those goals. And then get out there and do them! Did you know that only about 2% of Americans write down their goals? Imagine if we took just a few minutes to be accountable for them. 2009 might just be your year.


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