The cost of being competitive

Tiger Woods took home the hardware at the 2008 U.S. Open after a grueling five days and 91 holes of play. And now he’s done – for this season at least. We all know Tiger has a fierce competitive drive, which has clearly made him one of the iconic sports figures for more than a decade. Not only did he play with a bum knee during the tournament, we later learned that he struggled through the pain of a double stress fracture of his tibia. Two weeks prior to the Open, Tiger’s docs diagnosed him and recommended three weeks on crutches and three weeks of rest. Instead, he told them he was playing and he would win, turned to his swing coach and said something like “let’s just putt today.” With this trophy and another title in his career belt, he took the win by sacrificing the rest of the year’s play. After major knee surgery, he’ll have no choice but to rest and rehab. We all have the competitive urge to some degree, but how does Tiger dig deep to find that drive day after day, season after season? We’ve watched him grow as a player, suffer the loss of his father and mentor, marry and witness the birth of his first child. And he just keeps winning – and winning with intensity. I challenge you to look inward at your competitive drive. What makes you tick? What sparks you to do better and what makes you say, “Forget it.” Harness the positives. Take that competitive drive and share it with your customers. It will not only make you a better VAR, but in the eyes of your customers, you will always be a winner.


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