To blog or not to blog – that is the question

Did you know that by writing this entry today, I have the opportunity to reach more than 600 billion people? I don’t think I can even quantify that other than to say it’s way more than a lot! That, my friend, is how many people have access to the Web these days. So when I sit here and ask myself, “Why am I writing today?” From a marketing perspective, I know that if I can even reach a tiny fraction of that gigantic number, I will be successful. I always thought blogging was a way to hear yourself talk – well, technically, think inside your head. I had this notion that all bloggers truly believed that everyone else wanted to read what they had to say – or think. What I have come to learn, after joining a few blogs of personal interest and writing this one myself, is that if you have something to say that makes a difference or is important to someone else, people will listen (or read, as in the case of blog entries). You don’t have to be the next Shakespeare or Hemingway. If your blog offers something of value to your readers (and I hope mine does to you!), you are now positioning yourself as a leading VAR and a resource for your customers. They will come to you for trends and information because you keep them in the know! (And having a blog helps with your website’s search engine optimization too.) It took me awhile to come around to appreciating blogging’s importance in the world of marketing. Plus it’s sometimes fun to hear myself “talk!”

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