Web 2.0 101

What are you doing? That’s what friends and colleagues want to know if they’re following me on Facebook or Twitter. It seems kind of absurd actually, typing in a one or two liner about what I’m doing at this very moment. Well, I’m blogging about Facebook and Twitter – all part of Web 2.0 that has taken the World Wide Web by storm. Web 2.0 embraces the capacities of the web and then uses those capacities to build platforms. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Digg all take a little getting used to – and you can become a bit obsessive about them. Part of me struggles with why anyone would actually care what I was doing at a given moment in time. But because social networking is so viral, you simply never know who you’re going to meet. A friend of mine the other day connected with an old college friend she hadn’t spoken with in 20 years. It turns out, he is very good friends with this woman’s husband’s best friend (and best man). Two people, who you would think would be complete strangers, now converge on a third. It’s almost like the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. You never know how you’re connected to others. Web 2.0 opens that door to connectivity and the potential for some great networking opportunities. Log on to one of the sites and check it out. You may be very surprised who you know and who they know.


2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 101

  1. Its not so much that I care what you are doing at all hours of the day, it’s that I just cannot help[ telling everyone else what I am doing all day long.

    Perhaps its not about the information people are gaining on others but they are simply looking for an outlet to push out all the information they keep bundled up all day.

  2. Take a look at Seth Godin’s new book “Tribes”. One of the themes is the development of communities around common experiences, beliefs, etc.

    He goes on to say that individuals need the personal connection and that these web tools help us achieve that desire. When you add the personal desire to connect with others – this is one of the significant drivers of this new technology and the sweeping changes in marketing, business and interpersonal connection.

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