Happy New Year, Part 2: Fix what was broken in 2008

OK. Your New Year’s resolutions are now written down and each has a tangible plan in place. Chances are, those resolutions are new ones, focusing on new aspects of sales, marketing, distribution and the like. But how can you set goals and resolutions for 2009 if you don’t have a good handle on what worked and didn’t work in 2008? Not only do you need to set goals for new products, you must also fix what was broken in 2008. Did you introduce a product to your customers that you thought was innovative and cutting-edge, but despite its intrigue, your customers didn’t have much use for it? What about that fantastic e-marketing campaign you developed, but ended up only sending three e-newsletters throughout the course of the whole year. Were those three issues effectively marketing and communicating your products and promotions? Maybe you didn’t mine your database often enough and lost valuable customer loyalty to your competition. While it’s important to set goals for moving forward, it’s just as important to reflect back on your mistakes. After all, if you can fix those, your new goals will be that much more successful.


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