Rethink your marketing message

I am amazed at all the “free shipping” email promotions I’m receiving from my favorite catalogue and online companies of which I am a patron. It used to be that free shipping was a really special deal, saved for the elite customers who bought large volumes stuff or purchased often. Now, anyone can get free shipping. You can find more online coupons that you need from online retailers you’ve never even heard of from Free shipping has gone from a fairly exclusive deal to something that has no value. People now expect free shipping, and choose not to shop with vendors who don’t offer it. Talk about depreciating the value of a value-added! The same can hold true for your marketing message. In this tough economy, customers are reevaluating what is important for them versus what they might be able to do without in 2009. It’s your job to tap into your customers to learn more about how they are shifting. Are you offering them something that once was a fantastic, exclusive deal that now has no value to them, simply because they’ve shifted their goals and visions? Have your end-users changed their priorities, needs or interests? Re-align your marketing message to meet the needs of your customers’ changes. As they shift, you must shift with them, or risk losing them.


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