What Keeps You Up At Night?

I want to know what’s keeping you up at night other than the three cups of latte before bedtime. Are you wondering why sales calls aren’t as easy as they used to be? Are you trying to figure out why existing customers continue to buy from you but new prospects don’t seem to bite? Are you worrying about how you’re going to entice new customers or simply keep existing customers happy? Do you lose sleep thinking that you won’t succeed because you don’t have a large marketing budget? Where are you missing out on sales? Ask me your questions! None of us lives in a vacuum, nor are we working in one, thank goodness. Let me help you discover solutions for what’s making you toss and turn each night. Share you concerns and I’ll provide some insight and ideas that are very simple to implement, so you can grab some much-needed zzzz’s!


2 thoughts on “What Keeps You Up At Night?

  1. Hello Michelle, what keeps me up at night is thinking of different ways to market myself as a job seeker. What can I do better or different from the next guy, what can I do to stand out from the others that are challenging me for that one position. I ask myself what can I do that the next gut is not, can it be that I have a portfolio book, better reading resume or the interview process? How can I land that job that is eluding me? What does it take to standout and finish the process? What can I do?

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