How do you do more with less?

Our current economic times are scary; there’s no doubt about that. But being of the “glass half full” mind (and preferring to steer clear of the gloom and doomers), there are some magnificent ideas and programs you can do – and get this – they are free! I know I talk about often how Great Marketing is Free (see my e-book) but it really is. Now as we all tighten our belts to the next notch, it’s time to look at ways where you can do more with less. Simple tactics like lead generation, up-selling and cross-selling, mining your database consistently, developing partnerships, and aligning yourself with others you can benefit from are just a few of the ways you can find great marketing for free. We always talk about word-of-mouth marketing. You know, when you talk about your products to someone, they use and love it and then tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on and on. What about those missed opportunities in your database? Go back and give them a call. And make a plan – laundry list all the ways you can create viral marketing and sales connections for free – then do them. What costs you little or nothing in time and energy could produce tenfold in revenue and customer loyalty.


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