Gadget heaven

I love gadgets. When I was a kid, I loved “The Jetsons” and wanted my own Rosie the Robot and one of those wonderful machines that automatically creates whatever food you want. I settled for one of those smaller robot vacuums, which didn’t have nearly enough Rosie-like attitude for my taste. I love every cool app that I can add to my cell phone. I love that I can pause my favorite television show while I run out to do an errand. So, I’m like a kid every January when the Consumer Electronics Show takes place in Las Vegas. This is like the ads that are launched during the Super Bowl. It’s just cool.

I particularly like to see who wins the Innovations Awards. Past winners have included the laser level studfinder. I’ve got one of those. And I knew I needed a washable mouse after I saw it as an award-winner, which is so important since my coffee has found its way there more than once. Then there was the tiny GPS system with the real-time traffic monitor. Got that, too.

Watching the news coverage of the CES is sort of like a QVC show just for me. I can’t wait to find out what I won’t be able to live without!


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