Can’t afford to market? You can’t afford NOT to!

A few weeks ago, I asked a client, “How’s business?” “Great,” she said. Pause. “Well, pretty good.” Another pause. “Well, to tell you the truth, I used to feel like I couldn’t keep up with the incoming referrals, but recently there just doesn’t seem to be as many,” she said. An ”aha” moment. If you’re relying solely on referrals to generate revenue, you are setting yourself up for failure. Do you sit around and wait for the phone to ring or watch your mailbox hoping for an email inquiry? Are you relying on word-of-mouth alone to drive new business to your door? Guess what? Whether you believe it or not, marketing is a part of your job. And you better believe it, because you’ll be lapped pretty quickly by competitors if you don’t. Don’t worry about not being able to “afford” to market either. In truth, you can’t afford not to. But you should also realize that some of the best marketing is free (or almost) — like getting into your database, knowing what your customer wants and then simply selling it to them! How easy is that?? Or what about harnessing the powers of the Internet and a dynamic website to position you as the essential resource and thought leader in your field? Marketing is the critical differential for businesses that will be successful versus those that will forever struggle to get by.


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