Tech industry will bounce back

At the beginning of every year, we look back and summarize what we’ve seen and make predictions about the 12 months ahead. Hindsight is 20/20 so we can see clearly that business was not kind to just about every industry, from home and car sales to high tech. But PC Magazine has some good news — at least for the tech industry. We can expect our industry to be more resilient than most, bouncing back from the black plague of the crumbling economy. Windows 7 is set to launch in the third quarter and the hopeful pundits believe it will be far more successful than its predecessor (the “V” word). With the anticipated success of Windows 7 and the desire for the newest laptops and notebooks, we can expect a positive outlook for sales before the end of 2009. Keep your fingers crossed and take the glass-half-full optimistic outlook!


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