Capture new customers with your ears

My relationship with my computer is classic Love-Hate. I love that it keeps me connected to the world, allows me to put my thoughts on “paper” and keeps track of my hectic schedule. Feelin’ the love here. So when my hard drive crashed and burned two weeks ago? You guessed it, a burning hatred rose up from within, and I just couldn’t believe that something so material could have such an impact on my life. Well, my new computer hero saved the day. It was a weekend and my in-house tech support guys were off enjoying their free time so I got in the car and drove to this place that I drive by everyday. The sign said: “Computer Service, Restoration, and Sales.” Please let him be at work today, I prayed. Not only was he at work, but he welcomed me into his safe haven like I’d been a customer for years. He retrieved all my files from the hard drive (another miracle in the making) and installed a new one. And, somehow, he managed to convince me that a new computer was in order. $1,500 later, this guy has my business for life. He could have easily turned me away when I walked blindly through that door two weeks ago, but by listening to my “in the moment” panic over losing my files, he clearly saw a long-term relationship in the making, which he successfully took advantage of. And I’m OK with that.


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