Find your own Walk of Fame

I challenge you to take on a new career – in TV. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to drop everything in your Super VAR life to become a reality show star; I just want you to continue to rise above and become the Super VAR of ALL Super VARs! Most communities have local cable channels that are eager to deliver new, informative programming to their viewers (actually, they have to, by law). Here’s your opportunity for fame. After being trained to use the equipment they provide you, you can create your own cable TV show, complete with the questions and answers that you want to use and the guests you’d like to host. Call on some of your most valuable customers or end-users who are willing to offer insight into trends in the industry. Tada! You have just re-made yourself into a “media” expert and you’re showcasing your business and providing a powerful message using minimal financial resources. And many cable access stations distribute the local shows to other stations so you can easily become “syndicated”. Wonder if Bob Vila started this way???


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