Ask and ye shall receive

Do you ever second-guess yourself? Probably. I think we all do it from time to time. Some more than others. How often do you question your marketing choices? For many busy business people, this only occurs after a failed promotion or when you’re in the midst of doing damage control for a PR nightmare.

Why is it that we never question ourselves when things are humming along? Are we afraid to interrupt a steady rhythm? Don’t rock the boat comes to mind. Now, while I’m a proponent of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy, I also believe that we need to ask more questions more often. We need to be clear about our goals, about what we expect our marketing efforts to achieve.

Why did we choose to run this promotion at this particular time? What was the challenge we sought to overcome? Did we achieve the results we wanted?

Why did prospects respond to one promotion but not another? Was it the timing or the offer? Perhaps it was the channel we used to deliver it (e.g., call center, eblast).

It’s time to start looking at your marketing and asking “why?” “Why did we do this in the first place?” “Why should we do it again?” “Why isn’t our response rate better?” “Why can’t we generate more or better leads?” Ask yourself these questions — and more. Drill yourself and your team to make sure that you’re making educated guesses (let’s face it, even with all the metrics in the world, marketing is not an exact science … but it’s not rocket science either!).

It’s important to study your successes along with your failures. You can learn from both.


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