Should you change your marketing mix?

Are you looking at your marketing mix and wondering if it’s time to make some changes? Is now the right time? The answer is a definitive “maybe.” It depends on whether or not your buyers have changed the ways in which they get their information. Have your customers renewed their subscriptions to trade publications or are they reducing costs and gathering their information freely online? Are they searching for deal-oriented promotions that they can incorporate into their sales plan or are they weathering the bad economy by simply toeing the line through the storm? You may need to stir the pot a bit to reblend your mix, but if you don’t know how to combine the ingredients for better results, don’t start throwing things into that pot aimlessly. Take stock in your customers’ impulses. Talk to them and find out what they are reading, where they are gathering their information from, and then — and only then — consider changing your marketing mix. In other words, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! There’s a good chance that they’re looking for free ideas, so beefing up your online presence with current information on your website, increased e-newsletters and blogs may be a smart shift. I used to just shop to my heart’s content without looking at a price tag. Now I comparison-shop before I open my wallet. Chances are, your customers are doing the same – you just need to learn how they’re getting their information before considering a change.


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