Have a plan, Stan.

Think about the last time you traveled (hopefully, it was for pleasure, not business!). Did you just hop on a plane with a ticket to nowhere? Of course not. You probably researched where you wanted to go, what you wanted to see, and calculated how much it was going to cost. Planning for business success is really no different than planning a fantastic (and maybe exotic) vacation. You set your sights on the end results and then figure out how to get there. If you planned a trip to Florence, perhaps you were looking for a luxurious hotel right next to a famous piazza. Because of your research, you knew from the onset that you were going to pay top dollar for this spectacular room. Imagine if you hadn’t done the research and showed up at the hotel front desk, only to find out this hotel “at the piazza” only had rooms in the rear overlooking – another hotel wall! The same applies to your plans for marketing. Don’t set out to build a new website until you develop your strategy for its use. You’ll either pay top dollar for way more than you need, or just pennies for a site that’s a nightmare to navigate or that looks horrible. Either way, PPP (yes, you know what it stands for) will drag you down. A great plan will bring and keep you in the black.

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