Jump in, feet first

I have one client who loves to plan. Recently she planned a creative brainstorming meeting with her team and then took all that juicy information and wrote a plan on how to implement the ideas. She then submitted this new plan back to her team for comments or suggestions. As she finally prepared to launch and execute the plan about a month later, she discovered that her competitor in the next town just launched the same idea the week prior. You snooze, you lose. Think. Plan. Do. I know I always encourage you to create a plan so that you can measure your successes or where you fall short. But in today’s nanosecond world, where information and tools for results are at the fingertips of all, we need to also do, do, do – before the competition does. Launch the new product or service now. Retool it later. If you wait, someone else will jump in and grab your market share. Or your idea will be outdated by the time it hits the market. Now get going!


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