Another word about timing

Monday morning, welcome to another work week. To start it off (and in my opinion, on the wrong foot), I have booted up the good ol’ laptop, launched Outlook Express, and while sipping coffee, watched seven new “email marketing blasts” download into my inbox. Now, while I’d love to see what Williams-Sonoma is offering up as a deal for the week, if I even take a peek here on a Monday morning, I will already be off track and behind schedule for the rest of the week. My credit card stays safely in my wallet and I click delete seven times. I open none of these e-newsletters. I wish I could tell these businesses they’ve wasted their time. Now, if they had been smart, they would have sent these to me mid-week, say Wednesday or Thursday, when I’m well into my workload, have a sane grip on what I need to accomplish for the week, and am a little more willing to play hooky for a few minutes to see what goodies I might find. How are you going to reach your customers on Monday if they’re so preoccupied trying to gear up for their week? Same goes for Friday afternoons. Business owners have “checked out” of looking for anything new and are simply trying to tie up loose ends before the weekend. This same rule applies for most advertising, whether it’s a newspaper ad, postcard or the like. Hit ‘em midweek and you’ll most likely capture their attention.


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