Go with your gut

Here’s the difference between “just a VAR” and a Super VAR. I’m constantly chatting with VARs who come up with these incredible ideas for promotion and marketing, and then in the same breath, talk themselves out of why the idea is so great. One client of mine today told me that she was going to create a new press release campaign for her entire product line – both old and new. She had committed a significant amount of money from her marketing budget to use paid distribution resources like PRWeb and PR Newswire. She was also going to dedicate time to tap into free services like openPR.com and PRLog.org. She even bubbled a bit with excitement when she told me that she always longed to be a writer of sorts and couldn’t wait to dive into the fun. Then in an instant, it was gone! The “it” being the spark, the creativity, the drive that developed this fantastic marketing idea to begin with! Go with your gut, folks. Don’t second-guess yourself (unless, of course, the venture involves mucho dinero). A very smart marketer once told me that if you have an idea, and you think it will work, go for it. If it succeeds, you won’t hear praise from your peers or superiors (although you’ll see the financial results if tracked correctly). If it fails, well, you’ll hear about it for sure. But sometimes you have to let some new ideas fail in order to succeed. The bottom line is, you’ve got to at least try. It’s the Super VAR that grabs a snorkel and jumps right in!


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