Over-communicate in tough economic times

Take a look at our President Barack Obama. Within 48 hours of taking the oath of office (the first one), he put a freeze on his administration’s salaries, ordered the Guantanamo Bay detention center closed within a year, and reversed the former administration’s policies on interrogation and detention. Oh yeah, and he’s somehow managed to persuade whoever needed persuading that he can keep using his beloved Blackberry. Whether or not you agree with the new President’s thoughts and action’s for our country, one thing is clear: he is a leader who is communicating with and to the people of the United States. He has repeated that he will not live and work in a bubble. No great leader can afford to, really. So this brings me back to the communication aspect here. A great communicator doesn’t necessarily make a great leader. But, a great leader must be an outstanding communicator. Communication keeps everyone on the same page. It stomps out fears, inspires hope, and builds a successful team. During tough times, an open approach to communication keeps everyone on board with the task at hand. Communication is a verb – it allows everyone to somehow move forward.


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