Think outside the box – literally

I love getting mail. Not necessarily the envelopes that clearly say, “I am a bill.” But the type of mail I love is the stuff I wasn’t expecting. The other day I received this really cool shaped, rectangular, orange box. I didn’t know whom it was from but I didn’t care – it was so interesting and obviously stuck out in my pile of mail that I had to open it. Inside, I found more orange: an orange water bottle with an orange, gold, and white marketing tag hanging from its top. There was some creative messaging about how this graphic design company (the sender of the box) could help me make a “splash” with my advertising and marketing campaign. Not only was this direct mail piece so unique, it was useful too because who doesn’t need a water bottle? The agency showed off their creativeness, made me stop and take a look at their work, and provided me with something I could use daily (which also would keep my eyes on their logo because it was on the water bottle!). Think outside the box, folks. Have some fun with how you reach your customers. Provide them with that value-added service or product that will make a splash, and make them pick up the phone and call you for their next order or need.


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