Build a recession-resistant community

If you’re like me, you like to be a part of something, whether it’s a local community organization, business group or broader, worldlier endeavor. Being a part of a community gives you a sense of place. And when the world gets a bit scary, like it is now with this troubled economy, being a part of a group of like-minded people can keep you calm and make you feel somewhat safe. Idea generators and great leaders are typically the ones with the foresight to create communities and can steer a group’s discussions and thoughts to benefit all in the group. In a declining economy, people all over the business world are looking for insight, advice, and the promise of something positive on the horizon. Who are they going to turn to for creative business intelligence that will make them feel safe? Your customers are looking for a solution provider who will intelligently guide and lead through these troubled times. Are you an idea generator or a task follower? Do you come up with solutions that benefit your customers economically? Do you take risks with your ideas, confident that those ideas will help your customers break through the clutter to be successful? Or are you going to sit back and ride out the storm (you hope) quietly? Create a community with your customers. Provide them with the safe port to network and gather information to ride out the stormy tide of rough waters. Otherwise, they’ll simply sail into a safe harbor somewhere else.


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