Reinventing yourself again and again

Do you ever feel like you wear dozens of hats, but at the end of the day they’re all hung up on the same rack together? Being able to reinvent yourself and deliver your same story in front of many different audiences is key to success these days. Think about going to a cocktail party. You never know whom you might bump into and therefore you need to have a stash of different hats in your pocket – your next customer may come from somewhere least expected. Socializing on the Web is no different. Don’t stick up your nose and dismiss websites like MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn as just for kids or only for fun in your spare time (do you even have any of that?). The Web 2.0 world is transforming how you execute your business-to-business marketing plan. Blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds, videocasts, wikis, and social networks and communities are all tools being used, equally, to reach both prospects and existing customers. Start networking, my friend, you never know who you might meet or what hat you’ll need to wear.

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