What are you doing today?

Do you often get asked, “What do you do?” How do you respond? Telling your story can open doors to explaining to potential customers not just that you get results for them, but how you get them. Don’t just list your accomplishments like, “Well, I sold 30,000 widgets last year, the most of any VAR in this region.” Tell them how you did it! (OK, without giving away your whole secret.) Let them know you created this great program that determines exactly how many widgets a customer will need during each quarter of his business cycle, and then based on that, how many will need repair or replacing. You then give your customers an extremely accurate yearly estimate of how many widgets they need to order and then can buy in great quantities, creating even greater savings for all of your customers. That’s how you did it! When customers can have a glimpse of how your mind works and see results from your energy and effort, you actually gain more loyalty and respect than just shouting out your accolades. So get out there and tell your story!


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