Sometimes less is way more

I love bling. Who doesn’t really? Whether it’s a sparkly new piece of jewelry, a slick watch, or really great shoes, a little extra style just makes you feel good. Except when it’s on a website. OK, so I don’t mean actual  heavy-duty gold chains and two-karat diamond studs “bling” plastered on your home page like a QVC pitch, but I do mean a website’s version of bling – tools like Flash, animation, dizzying graphics, and startling soubd – and too much of all of it! There are many techies and designers out there who get adrenalin rushes from Flash’s latest tricks or from the way new coding can make your homepage spin through 10 slides in just 30 seconds. 30 seconds? How to you even digest 10 images in 30 seconds! Please.. While all the cool stuff is fun and beautiful (for the most part), if it doesn’t sell your message, it’s a waste of your customers’ time and your money. Splash does not equal cash. There is nothing more aggravating than landing on a homepage and not having an “enter site” button to bypass all the “garbage.” And, correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you expect to automatically enter a site without having to knock on the door first? Look at your statistics reports. Where do customers enter your site? Where do you lose them? If you’re losing them right from the homepage, revisit your message there – and remember that less can be way more.


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