Blogging about blogging

I have clients that are so resistant to blogging. Blogging is not a new thing any more, nor is it going away any time soon.. Statistics show that blogging, either on your own blog or someone else’s, is a successful, viral way to deliver your message. And it’s a soft sell. Blogging gives you the opportunity to share with your customers – whether existing or new – some of your expertise. Through ongoing posts, you can serve yourself up as a resource in your field and a thought-leading VAR with all the answers. And your blog does it conversationally, so it’s very reader-friendly! You don’t have to write a three-page narrative or thesis to communicate your thoughts.In fact, you shouldn’t. Customers simply want your insight. And there’s the added opportunity when you join someone else’s blog! Find blogs that you can partner with, that offer information that can complement (but not compete) with your own. By doing so, you could also stumble upon more customers. If you’re blogging with 100 people who are truly qualified (they’ve chosen to be a part of this blog, you aren’t cold-emailing them in), aren’t you reaching a better audience than a randomly selected, 5,000-piece direct mailer? And for no expense! No wonder blogging is such a brilliant marketing tool! Is it in your toolbox yet?


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