One-second commercial for the Super Bowl?

OK, so this one caught my attention on the Yahoo! News page. As millions turned to the Super Bowl Sunday night, they tuned in not just to watch the game, but the commercials. We all know that. Super Bowl commercials are funny, quirky, and sometimes absolutely off the wall. And they’re always expensive. Always. So when I saw the news trailer for a one-second commercial, my mind started spinning. What can you say in one second? Hi. That’s one example. And now I’m struggling to come up with more. But it is doable. Because as I continued to watch the news clip, I realized that it’s not what you say, it’s what you see. It was a beer company that contemplated running a one-second commercial to save a few bucks (the average commercial during the Super Bowl is 30 seconds and costs a mere $3 million for the privilege so one second runs $100,000). And then I saw it. Yes, saw it. The visuals behind the actor saying that one word was the impression. It could be anything from strategic product placement to yet another message. But there could be no question in the viewer’s mind what the advertiser was trying to say. Now we’re talking nanosecond technology at its finest! So the beer company showed the one-second ad after a series of ads the week prior announcing the one-second ad. The company garnered a ton of media publicity around the concept and even ran an ad suggesting a one-second commercial. The result? Lots of buzz for the brand during Super Bowl hype at a fraction of the cost of a traditional 30-second Super Bowl ad. Brilliant!!


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