Be a geek (or just look like one)

I used to worry about being called a geek until I learned that being a geek also meant that people considered you a thought leader, someone who was a bit futuristic in their ideas. But many times, those out-of-the-box ideas would become the norm years later. Take a look at Star Trek for instance. Back in the late 60s, people thought creator Gene Roddenberry was a freak, coming up with all these crazy ideas about wireless communications, big screen videos, and outer space travel. Well, we now have cell phones, there isn’t a sports bar with out a flat screen, plasma TV with high def and aren’t we going to Mars? His 23rd century world actually became reality in the 21st century – and he crafted the idea only 40 years ago! I have clients whose brains don’t work in the future and that’s OK too because they’ve aligned themselves with those who can see market trends and new products before they’re even on the market. These Super VARs are successful because they still provide their customers with the latest information on new products and trends. Customers return again and again because they want to stay ahead of their competition, and as a result, these VARs stay ahead of others as well. Best Buy has The Geek Squad. Create your own squad to go out and be the seekers of the next hottest and greatest product or idea and “boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before.”


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