I’m in customer service bliss

I never thought I’d pay $20 for a water bottle. However, after trying to keep track of all the plastic numbers, which ones are safe, which ones aren’t, what I can recycle and can’t, I finally broke down and purchased an aluminum bottle from one of the leading companies out of Switzerland. I loved this water bottle – for four days. Then I dropped it and cracked the protective cap off the top. Now, for 20 bucks and the thought that I might divert cancer, I thought this thing would be durable. Online I went to the company’s website, found the contact info for customer service in the U.S., and sent off a quick email. I was direct, thorough, and explained that for what I paid, and knowing the solid reputation that the brand, I frankly expected more: a new top or bottle. Here’s where I nearly fell off my chair. Not five minutes later, I received a pleasant email back asking me where I’d like a new top sent! Another five minutes of emailing back and forth and this rep had my mailing address (he asked me how I’d like it sent, UPS or USPS), said it was going to ship today, AND, for good measure, “I threw in an extra top just in case one breaks,” said Marisol. “Thank you.” No, thank YOU, Marisol! I’m picking myself up off the floor now…


One thought on “I’m in customer service bliss

  1. Michelle, I can relate . . . . My 3-4 year old Logitech wireless mouse stopped working. I called the toll-free number and a nice technician walked me through all the potential fixes. When none of these worked, she asked me where they could send the replacement! Wow! Maybe they have a lifetime warranty I don’t know about. However, she didn’t ask for my serial number or anything. Its been a few days and the mouse hasn’t arrived yet, but I have high hopes.


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