Freak or Geek?

You couldn’t pay me to go back to high school. All those cliques, trying to fit in with the cool kids, the jocks, or even the motor heads who cut class and just seemed “bad.” On the other side of the classroom were the geeks with their calculators with more buttons than a remote control and pocket pencils with retractable lead. But, looking back, I say, “Go geeks, go!” Those freaks are the ones making millions today! After all, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are considered to be in the “Freaks & Geeks” category. I wish I could whisper in all the ears of those geeks out there today and say something like, “You’re the cool one, dude. Hang in there! You’re gonna make it big and be laughing all the way to the bank.” So, do you know any geeks today? And if so, do you chat with them or still laugh them off like you did in high school? Just a tip – if you know one, buy him a cup of coffee and explore ideas with him. He is one of the thought leaders of today, guaranteed.


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