Breakfast, anyone?

A friend of mine who’s in the PR business held a breakfast meeting she regularly hosts – she calls them roundtables – for key journalists and her clients. Typically once a month, this core group of journalists gets together for a cup of coffee and a simple breakfast before their day event starts, to hear my friend’s clients talk about the latest trends in the industry, what the newest products are on the market, and where they see the future of the business. It was a pretty lively discussion and the journalists walked away with some great story ideas and had a first-hand resource at their finger tips – the client! What an incredible way to be the source of leading information in a relaxed and informative way! Reverse this scenario for a minute. Think of yourself as the client. Now think of your clients as the journalists. How many people could you invite to a roundtable breakfast meeting for a great brainstorming session, where the information you provide positions you as a leader in the industry, where you’re at the hub of knowledge? It’s time to get started creating your own Breakfast Club, and please pass the croissants.


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