Did you know that a reporter only reads about 100 to 200 words of an email or press release and makes an instantaneous decision about whether to pursue the story or hit the delete button? 100-200 words! That’s barely even a paragraph! So what is your story? Can you tell it, with excitement and enthusiasm, and facts, in basically “one gulp”? National Public Radio’s website has some interesting information for those hoping to grab a little media attention. Journalists want to be surprised. Tell them something they don’t know. True stories that appeal to the media outlet’s audience. Be specific and use facts. Give ‘em a peg – is the story time-sensitive? Is something going on in the news that you could be an informative source for? No opinions and no attachments – it all goes back to those 100-200 words. And make sure you tell them who to contact – name, phone, and email! So now I want to hear from you – can you tell me your story in 200 words or less?


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