Surround yourself with positive vibes

Have you ever sat in a group or meeting where there is one guy — and it’s always the same guy — who shoots down every single idea that anyone offers up to the group? You know the one, he sits back, kind of cocky with his arms crossed, and just says, “Nah, that won’t work. X, Y and Z will break.” Or something to that effect. He’s the buzz-kill of any brainstorming session. He is the naysayer. Purge them! It’s so easy to find the problem but much more challenging to find a possible solution. I’m never quite sure where the negativity comes from — insecurity, ignorance, or pure laziness. Whatever the reason, these naysayers will bring you down, hard, if you let them. So, turn a deaf ear. Or, better yet, challenge the naysayer to contribute an alternative. Remind them (and yourself) that the successful person is the one who is willing to take risks, to open herself up to being laughed at for a new crazy idea (been there!). They scoffed at the Wright Brothers. “Talking” movies were considered a waste. And the Mac was dismissed as a toy. Wonder what those people have to say now?


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