Great marketing is free – again!

I love when new resources cross my path, especially when they’re free. I’ve found a new one that’s free and saves me a huge amount of time and gives me incredible results and insights into my customers: SurveyMonkey. Odd name, very cool service! And here’s why you need it. How many times do you hop on the phone or shoot off an email to a customer to find out how you’re performing? How do they rate you compared to other VARs? Are you really providing them with the products and knowledge that they need, or do you just assume you are? Chances are, if you’re like me, you need a 32-hour day and simply don’t have the time to do manually follow-up with your customers. Enter SurveyMonkey. Even the name is fantastic! The company claims they can provide you with intelligent survey software for primates of all species – and what they basically offer is an online survey tool – for free! Utilize the tool to do an annual survey, find out how you stack up against others your customers purchase from or trends they’re seeing in the business. You can ask up to ten questions for free to up to 100 contacts/responders. Then, take these ideas and information and use them to better your business’ service and publish your findings about trends and ideas on your website. You’ll have stronger insight into how to better serve your customers and become a resource for new trends and ideas. Check it out

2 thoughts on “Great marketing is free – again!

  1. Zoomerang also offers free accounts and you can ask up to 30 questions with 100 respondents using them. I have used their service quite a bit the last couple of years and using their survey templates has saved me quite a bit of time. They also offer helpful survey tips and suggestions on their website and blog. Worth a look at the very least 🙂

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