Own up and move on

I tend to dwell and stress about my mistakes – whether they are perceived mistakes or actual. I do so because I’m always concerned about the level of service I provide my customers. I strive to give 120% all the time to them. Their successes are my own. I have a new customer on the West Coast and while I deal with that time zone quite frequently, there’s something about the time difference that always confuses me. I’m not sure what it is, but it just does. I find myself counting forward and backward in my head and on my fingers. Well, this new customer is actually a customer’s customer. So first impressions are doubly important. And I blew it on the first shot. Trying to connect for a conference call, I rang in and left a message based on what I thought was the correct time (although I was two hours early). When I picked up my voicemail later in the afternoon, I had a new customer leaving a frustrated message about connecting at the right time. It happens. In order to succeed, we must fail. Now getting the wrong time for a call isn’t a crisis, but clearly, for whatever reason, my miscalculation of the time zone didn’t settle well with him. So I had to make the wrong a right. I called and apologized and explained I have trouble with the time zones sometimes and asked what was the most convenient way for him to connect with me, on his terms. The apology was all he wanted, but I wanted to go the extra mile to make sure he was satisfied. Now it’s up to me to move on in a timely basis!

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