Communication the key to any successful marriage.

“What does this entry have to do with me,” you say? “I’m not married.”

Oh, but you are. While you may not be married in the traditional sense, if you have the desire to be a successful VAR, then you’d better be married to your customers. And if you’re married to your customers, the best way to keep that marriage healthy and successful is to communicate. We hear it all the time in the self-help books, the women’s magazines, even on Dr. Phil (although I’m not so sure he practices what he preaches). The key to any successful marriage, whether personal or professional, is constant communication. Do you know what your customers need today, right now? When was the last time you picked up the phone and actually spoke with your key customers, instead of just shooting off an e-newsletter to the masses?

There are many ways to communicate. More importantly, it’s a combination of those methods that will keep your customers happy. Look in your database and take your pulse on communication efforts. Determine what methods you use consistently and where you might be able to improve. Are you communicating to the masses all the time and never reaching out personally? Or do you do an email blast here and there but without consistency. By being aware of your customers’ needs, and caring about their thoughts and struggles, you will then become a resourceful VAR, keeping them coming back for more.


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