Marketing’s melting pot

I think I receive about five or more e-newsletters a day. Some I subscribe to; others I don’t, but I’ve made it to “the list” somehow. And while texting, blogging, e-newsletters, and email marketing all support the world of new media, don’t forget about the traditional marketing methods, too. Print advertising, direct mail, telemarketing, and even broadcast marketing using TV and radio all have their place in your marketing melting pot. Go back to your database and segment your list into categories. Do you have one set of customers who read industry publications? Maybe you should create a display ad to reach them. How about those that only want to do business with you via email? That’s probably the technological group that would benefit from your e-newsletters or information on your website. Others might react more strongly to a well thought-out direct mail campaign. The key all goes back to understanding your customers and what marketing methods drive them to react. If you know that you’ll be able to reach them easily and effectively.

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