Sometimes we fall short, just make sure you make amends when you do

I’m getting new carpet! Maybe on your radar that falls into the same excitement zone as rising gas prices, but for me, 5-year-old wall-to-wall will be replaced by new plush that my toes will love. Being time efficient, I made an appointment with the national carpet warehouse company – online. I received a nice email confirmation that a sales representative would come to my home on Saturday between 9 and 11:00 a.m. (You know where this is headed, don’t you? Sounds like the Cable Guy?) I was so excited to see the samples and continue to dream about my new carpet. At 11:30 Saturday morning, with a no-show on my hands, I placed a call to the Customer Service Center to find out the scoop. Of course, they had no clue. I was then put on hold and “picked up” by another rep, who said he could come but it would have to be later in the day. I explained that I had rearranged my morning, and the afternoon wouldn’t work. (And then I told him I’d just order from another company that would be more accountable.) Finally, he asked how he could make it up to me. OK, he tried. But he only went half way. I wanted the full-on apology for the waste of my time. If he had actually apologized and admitted to the mistake, it would probably have been the start of a longer relationship. By going just halfway in admitting the company’s shortcomings (hey, we all have them, it’s OK), my toes will love someone else’s carpet instead. Love may mean never having to say you’re sorry, but, in business, pony up with an apology, not an excuse.


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