First and lasting impressions

At a meeting last week, a potential new channel partner offered his hand, gave me a firm yet inviting handshake, looked me straight in the eye and said, “It’s so nice to finally meet you.” His dress was smart business casual. He wasn’t there to overpower me or to second-guess me, but with just a few simple gestures and subtle communication, he clearly meant business. It made me think about all the types of first impressions we make on a daily basis, but specifically those we make when visiting a website for the first time. Does the site invite you in with force (so many bells and whistles that you don’t know which movie is starting and which audio file is ending)? Does it leave you feeling empty and alone because the two pages of the site made you leave empty-handed? Or were you able to walk in freely, feel confident in where you were going and could easily find what you wanted to know or buy? Less is more, folks. Work on your subtleties versus your snazz. Show off your smart business casual and you’ll capture a channel partner for life.


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