Be a medium

You know that show with Jennifer Love Hewitt called “Ghost Whisperer”? The one where she’s the medium and helps people cross over to the next (and supposedly better) place in the world? Although it may sound weird, I sometimes think VARs are like mediums. In one world you have a product that needs a home, a good home, and the right home. In the other world, you have a customer that needs that product, but isn’t quite sure how to get it. And you’re in the middle. You’re the medium who has to help one side cross over to the other. To be a really good medium, you have to listen. In Love Hewitt’s case, she can hear and see everything that others can’t. And then she has to take that information and play detective to figure out how to help these tortured souls. You are the medium who needs to help your customers’ souls. Listen closely to what they’re saying, and what they’re not saying. What product do you have that will solve their problems? And if what they need isn’t in your bag of tricks, do you know where to look to find a solution for them? This is the difference between just being a regular, run-of-the-mill VAR and a SUPER VAR – and, yes, sometimes a mind reader. Anticipate what your customers’ needs, and then go out into the world and find their solution. All you need to do is listen for the whisper.

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