Single VAR seeks lasting, successful relationship

Do you ever feel like you’re caught in one of those dating services, where you have to tell about your hobbies, what you do for work (well, that one’s obvious), that you’re friendly, like good food, enjoy success, want to fix people’s problems, etc.? These dating services are on to something, my friends. They know that if you are truthful and put all of your information out there on the table for all to see, there’s a great chance that a beautiful relationship will develop. Do you ever have that feeling that there’s something more you’d like to give your customers, but that it’s just not a part of who you are or what your business offers? But yet, you want to help your customer be successful. The Super VARs out there today are dating, and they’re looking for that perfect match in a partner that complements what they have to offer, so that they, in turn, can go back to the customer with the perfect package and the right solutions. Seek out partners who are like you, just like you would when dating – high level of service expectation, superior product knowledge, the ability to provide something that you can not so when combined, you make the perfect team – the perfect match. You’ll give “finding a partner” a whole new meaning!


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