Finding local support

Tired of talking to India? Believe me, my problem is almost always fixed, but why do I have to reach out halfway around the world to get “customer service” or “customer support”? Of course, I understand the reason why. It’s less expensive. Companies today choose to outsource the customer and technical service and support portion of their business to large call centers oversees, where experienced technical support operators walk you through a series of questions that are supposed to help get to the root of your problem. But it’s just so canned! The answers are canned. The responses are canned. I know I’m talking to a “live” (or should I say “alive”) person, but it might as well be a voice-activated recording. I guess I want more. I want my problem solved, and I want it solved in a personal way – not to be processed like just another number. I want to feel like a customer and get all the warm, relationship feeling stuff that goes with it. In today’s world, it’s not enough just to solve a problem, you have to make it a part of being in a good partnership with your customer. Your customers simply expect it.


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