Love what you do; do what you love

While shopping the other day, I went into a specialty retail store looking for the ultimate outdoor gift for a hiker friend of mine. I wasn’t quite sure what to get. I wanted something cool, maybe the latest in hiking poles or a backpack, not just a carabiner or a water bottle (although these days, those are pretty technical, too). What I found, however, was the most passionate sales person I have ever met. This woman spent more time doting over me than my own mother does — and it didn’t even bother me (maybe because she wasn’t commenting on my clothing choice or hairstyle. She was genuinely passionate about what she was selling. So by default, it didn’t really even feel to me like she was selling. She was just sharing her passion of the outdoors and I was getting pleasantly yanked into her energy force. Have you ever encountered someone who’s giddy about their job and what they do? Or perhaps just the opposite: Someone who is so negative about his employer and his job that you just want to know where the “off” button is. You’re thinking, “if you don’t like it, make a change.” People who like their jobs are typically doing the best work for you (e.g., the outdoorsy woman who was selling what she loved) and making the greatest impact, helping you to grow and change your business in the best way. The employee who just “shows up” every day and punches the clock is contributing to your business success, Truth be told, this type of individual is actually detracting from your forward surge. Create a job culture of passion. Surround yourself with people who have a passion for what they do. Their enthusiasm and dedication will help your business to soar and you’ll actually feel good knowing that they truly love what they do, and do what they love.

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