Nurture your leads to build relationships

I always talk about mining your database and keeping it up-to-date. You should be touching it every day, now more than ever. In this near rock-bottom economy, you uncover to find quality leads. Having a “fat” database filled with useless contacts will only give you a false sense of security of what options are out there for you and you’ll waste time and energy going after leads that aren’t qualified for you. Instead of spending time looking for new leads in new markets (which, in a bad economy, is what people tend to do), go back to your existing database and determine your current value proposition for your customers. Their needs have most likely shifted so you need to recognize those dynamics and be flexible. If you’re not sure, talk to your customers and leads; ask them flat out what they need. Then tweak your value proposition to align with their needs. What’s affecting their business? What tools do they need to get through these tough times? How can you help them increase their revenues or cut costs that are effective for you both? Show your leads that you understand the challenges they face in this economy right now. Offer them solutions and support. Customer elationships are important. Continue to develop and grow them. You may realize that finding “new” leads isn’t as important than nurturing the ones that already exist.


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