Self-serve technology is on the rise

You pump your own gas, scan and bag and self-pay for your groceries, grab quick cash from an ATM. Even the entertainment industry is evolving to the point where, as a consumer, you can pick up a DVD from a self-service kiosk right inside your grocery store. So how can you use these new technologies to service your customers in order for them to, in turn, service their own customers even better? You must be able to provide your customers with an entire mix of technological resources in order for them to serve their customers; otherwise, your customers will look to your competition to do it. These buyers are looking for ways to reduce operating costs like staffing and training yet they still want to offer good customer service. Buyers are looking to their IT vendors to supply them with turnkey selling tools that are very specific to a particular product, and with the technologies today you can provide that to them. Use self-service to your advantage. Package it in a way that offers savings and convenience to your customers. Not only are you offering your customers state of the art technology, you’re helping them to preserve their budget during this economic downturn.


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