Saying “Thank You.”

Everyday in the news, I hear of the horrible wars taking place in the Middle East. How can you not hear about them? As a result, I think I’m more grateful these days than I have been in years. I’m grateful that I have a job, that I’m in good health, that I have a roof over my head, and that I’m not sitting in darkness without electricity at 2 a.m. waiting and wondering if mortars are going to hit my neighborhood. Yes, I am grateful. I am also grateful for the amazing people that I work with. From my customers to my sales team, these are the people who make my world tick. Many companies “say” they value their employees but their treatment of these staffers doesn’t reflect it. They acknowledge their importance but then may turn around and give someone else a promotion for political and corporate gains despite lack of experience. What about your vendors? Are you grateful to your vendors or do you look elsewhere the moment you need a price break on a particular product? In today’s challenging society – whether it’s economic or international woes – saying “thank you” goes a long way (it always has but now it does more than ever). How do you say ”thank you” to those you are grateful for? Perhaps you extend a monetary bonus or some free products. But even the little things like saying “thank you”, giving just a small token of thanks, or even a hand-written thank you note (instead of another email in someone’s inbox) makes someone feel genuinely valued. I challenge you to come up with five or 10 people that you value and write them each a note. It will actually make you feel fantastic too!

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