How many friends do you have?

I would estimate that the average adult probably has a dozen or so friends, of which maybe a handful are close friends and maybe one or two have seen each other in those “what goes on the road, stays on the road” moments. Imagine being in the know of what 10,000 friends are doing each day. The thought stresses me out, but blogger Robert Scoble follows about this many people on Twitter. Which begs the question, why? To learn, says Robert He doesn’t become intimate friends with all these folks that he follows, but he learns from them and then, in turn, uses that new knowledge to his benefit. It’s kind of like the multiplier. The more “friends” you have the more chances you’ll find someone in that pool of friends who can help you solve a problem, turn you on to a new sales lead, or introduce you to new ideas (OK, there are some who are going for the prestige of having thousands of friends but if you’re smart, you’ll choose friends wisely, too). However you must participate in order to play, so to speak. If you’re just socializing but not offering anything of substance, chances are your “friends” aren’t going to tune in to you to learn from you. But, if you take a little time each week to really engage in thoughtful socializing that benefits everyone who is following you, you’ll reap the rewards from the “friends” that really matter the most.


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