Who are your peeps?

Who do you like to hang out with? It’s probably someone that makes you laugh or feel good about yourself. Maybe it’s a group that goes to the movies every week together because everyone in the group, well, simply loves movies. Or perhaps you spend time with your family the most, because you feel close to them and they make you feel confident and secure. Whatever the reason, most likely you choose your friends and relationships because it’s give and take. You are able to give something to them, and in return, you get a pleasurable feeling back. The same should hold true for your business partners and affiliates. Whom are you aligning with who offers a fantastic give-and-take relationship? What vendors do you work with who have a value-added product that you can extend to your customers – and, in return, promote your vendor? To get the best return on your investment during these tough economic times, you must learn to leverage your partners and affiliates so that every relationship adds a positive benefit. By banding together you will be able to create solutions where everyone will benefit. It’s called teamwork. Just make sure you like your teammates.

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