Service, service, service

Did I say service? Let me tell you, I’ve come across some incredibly great and not-so-great customer service this holiday season. The great, no, fantastic customer service I received? I placed an order online for holiday cards. I had a promotional code for 20 percent off the entire order. I went through the ordering and checkout process, thinking that there would eventually be a place to enter the code. The next thing I knew, my computer screen said that I had placed my order – with no code! So, off to the customer service section of the site I went, found the email address, and sent an email detailing my problem. Within 24 hours, I had a response saying that my credit card had been refunded the difference of the discount from the promotion. Fantastic, I thought! But then, I realized they had only credited half my order. Back to the customer service email. And again, within 24 hours, I was refunded the difference again. I will ALWAYS use this vendor now for my holiday cards, promo code or not. However, another vendor, where I ordered some cute holiday bags (to put gifts in) plus three candle sets that need to be mailed (by me) in time for friends to receive them at Christmas – well, I will never shop with them again. To make a long story short, they never told me the picking and shipping timeline when I placed my order. Once I inquired, they gave me the sorry news of a lengthy delay and it was clear they didn’t care about the timeline because they were weeks behind schedule. OK, it’s the holidays, I understand that. BUT, they never answered my email inquiry about the status of my order. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. In this economy, pricing will have a huge impact on who buys what. But don’t let that distract from exceptional customer service. Your customers are continually shopping around for the best deals AND service. Don’t let one overshadow the other.

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2 thoughts on “Service, service, service

  1. You are a little late with this post aren’t you?

    You are correct, however. customer service has to be good. Just recently I caught a website telling me that something had been delivered, but in actuality the company had CALLED to deliver it – Not the same thing. I won’t go back to them again.

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