Spin a tale

How often do you become engaged when speaking with someone? Do you immediately click in to what they’re saying because something sparked your interest? Or do you get that glassy-eyed look and blank stare because the minute this person opened his mouth, he lost you at “hello”? Chances are, you engage in conversations and discussions of interest because whoever is leading that discussion is telling a story – not doling out a factual piece of information. Think for a minute – if you tell your customer point blank that the new XYZ widget will produce three hundreds times the wattage that the old model did, why should your customer care? But what if you told a story of how that widget was used by a non-believer of the product and yet, in just one short month, that non-believer was reborn because he saw an incremental savings in his electricity bill as a result of the reduced wattage of the widget? In order to engage your customers, you must capture their imagination! Let them “see” the story in their mind of how your new product, service or piece of advice is going to work. Don’t tell them what the widget does – show them through storytelling and example! Let the imagination be the powerful tool for you that it was meant to be.

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